Rain Hat by Ruysch | Painted
Rain Hat by Ruysch | Painted
Rain Hat by Ruysch | Painted

Rain Hat by Ruysch | Painted

For this rain hat we have re-used one plastic bottle ..., and recycled another element from the past: the works from known and lesser-known artists that all left us with great riches to enjoy for eternity.

Your waterproof bucket hat is inspired by one of the many colorful paintings made by the 17th-century painter Rachel Ruysch. Rachel? Yes, indeed a female painter—quite rare in the history of art as women were long denied access to art schools.

Luckily Rachel Ruysch was able to break through. She had an open-minded father who pushed her to follow professional art education and her husband, a fellow painter, thought it was only natural she kept on painting. And what a great example she is! She was not only extremely productive (and very successful) as a painter, but also had a family of 10 children.


Let art sparkle up your life!


100% recycled polyester (GRS certified), coated and waterproof
care instructions: don't wash, gently wipe off stains with a wet cloth, don't iron
one size (adjustable sizing)
giftbox with storytelling: 20 x 15 x 1,5 cm

Courtesy original painting: Kunstmuseum Basel